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I wish to advise that the Department been made aware of another fraud attempt on the Queensland state government. This time by impersonation of a departmental employee by email.

  • A company that was a departmental loan recipient was targeted by the scammer who purported by email to be a departmental employee.
  • The scammer emailed the company requesting the loan repayment and that a different bank account would be required for the repayment.
  • The reason given for the change of banking details was that the department's bank account was being audited and the finance team advised the funds could not be received at the moment.
  • Fortunately the company became suspicious and contacted the department by telephone preventing a potential substantial loss of money by fraud.
  • The matter has been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission and the Qld Police Service.

Michael Kelly
Director, Funding Services
Finance, Property and Procurement Services
Corporate Services
Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors
Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women


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